Ammonites product listing

Blue Cleoniceras

From £7.50

Beautiful, unpolished ammonite showing its natural iridescence. 110 million years old from Madagascar.

Photo of Dactylioceras fossil


From £12.00

Dactylioceras, a Jurassic ammonite from near Whitby in Yorkshire, England. 

Photo of Dactylioceras nodule fossil

Dactylioceras nodule

From £22.50

Dactylioceras nodule, an ammonite from the Jurassic of Yorkshire, England.

Photo of sectioned ammonite fossil

Ilminster section

From £6.50

A cut and polished ammonite half from Ilminster in Somerset, England. These are around 165 million years old.

Photo of Cymatoceras fossil


From £85.00

Cymatoceras sakalavus, a nautilus from Majunga in Madagascar, 110 million years old.

Niort ammonite

From £12.00

Ammonite from Niort, Deux-Sèvres in France, 160 million years old.

Orthocone nautiloid

From £7.50

The chambered, conical shell of an orthocone nautiloid.

Photo of Perisphinctes fossil


From £20.00

Perisphinctes, a well-preserved, clean ammonite from Tulear in Madagascar, 150 million years old.


From £34.00

Pyritised ammonite, Pleuroceras, from Nuremburg, Germany. About 185 million years old.

Photo of polished ammonite fossil

Polished Madagascan

From £35.00

An ammonite from Majunga in Madagascar which has been polished to show the intricate suture patterns. These are Cretaceous, around 110 million years old.

Photo of Promicroceras fossil


From £12.50

Promicroceras planicosta, a nice little ammonite from Dorset on the South coast of England, 190 million years old.

Photo of a pyritised ammonite fossil

Pyritised ammonite

From £3.50

Pyritised ammonite from Gloucestershire in England and 190 million years old.

Photo of sectioned ammonite fossil

Sectioned ammonite

From £100.00

An ammonite, cut in half and with the cut surfaces polished. They are from Majunga, in Madagascar, and 110 million years old.