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Campo del Cielo meteorite

Meteorites are, put simply, lumps of material that came from space. Pieces of comet, asteroid or meteoroid that have fallen to Earth at some point.

There are a number of classifications, but broadly they are either stony meteorites, the most common, or iron meteorites, or a happy marriage of the two, stony-iron. You can tell how they got their names.

Although most meteorites that fall are stony (chondrites or achondrites), it’s easier to find the iron ones because you can use a metal detector to find them. Most available commercially are little pieces of big falls.

Where meteorites fall

When a big meteorite comes through the Earth’s atmosphere, it usually breaks up into a scatter of smaller pieces, creating a wide area of debris; a strewn field. These places are where people go looking – not much point in just getting a detector and walking up and down your street.

Meteorites fall all the time, and everywhere, but usually only a few are big enough and near enough to civilisation to be actually seen landing. Perhaps five to ten a year are spotted and documented.

Now, many people bear a grudge against meteorites because of the whole dinosaur thing, but I think it’s time to let bygones be bygones, embrace our visitors from space, and give them a proper home.