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Photo of Belemnitella fossil


From £4.50

Nice examples of a belemnite, 180 million years old from Yorkshire in England.

Photo of Cave bear claw

Cave bear claw

From £36.00

Claw spur from a cave bear, 37,000 years old from near Krakow in Poland.

Dawn Redwood

From £8.00

Dawn Redwood leaves, 35 million years old, from Montana.

Floating crinoid

From £45.00

Floating crinoid, Saccocoma pectinata, 150 million years old, Solnhofen, Germany.

Horse tooth

From £8.50

Fossil horse tooth from Florida.

Photo of insect in amber

Insect in amber

From £17.50

A little piece of amber with an insect inclusion, from the beaches of Kaliningrad, Russia. Between 35-50 million years old.


From £8.00

Section of fossil wood, with polished ends, 225 million years old, Madagascar.

Photo of mammoth rib

Mammoth bone

From £20.00

Bone from the mammoth Mammuthus primigenius, from the North Sea, and between 60-100 thousand years old. 

Photo of mammoth hair

Mammoth hair

From £20.00

Hair from the woolly mammoth Mammuthus primigenius. Found in the permafrost of Taimyr, Siberia, it's over 10,000 years old.

March fly

From £18.00

Fossil march fly from the Green River Formation of Wyoming, ~50 million years old.

Photo of whale otolith fossil


From £7.50

A whale otolith, a fossilised inner ear bone, from South Carolina, between 15 and 20 million years old.

Photo of Rhynchonella fossil


From £6.00

Great example of the brachiopod, Rhynchonella decorata, from the Ardennes region of France, 160 million years old.

Photo of Apateon fossil


From £65.00

Apateon pedestris, a Permian branchiosaur from Odernheim in Germany, 280 million years old.

Photo of Carpopenaeus fossil


From £36.00

A shrimp, Carpopenaeus callirostris, from near Hjoula in Lebanon, 100 million years old.


From £4.50

Rare fossil sponge from Faringdon in Oxfordshire, England, 115 million years old.

Photo of fossil weevil nest

Weevil nest

From £15.00

Fossilised weevil nest from the Holocene/Pleistocene of South Australia.