Our Jewellery products

Otodus necklace

We started selling jewellery a few years ago, starting with perhaps the most obvious addition – amber, fossilised tree sap often used as jewellery.

When our amber pendants and necklaces proved popular, we expanded the range, but try to keep fossils a prominent factor, and simple designs to keep the stone the focus.

Some fossils lend themselves well to jewellery – elegant ammonite spirals, slices of meteorite, eye-catching shark teeth or 500 million year-old trilobites make for decorative talking points.

Our Jewellery stock

The stock is sourced from a number of diverse suppliers, from friends who travel to collect their own material and have it set, to a handful of dealers I see at international trade fairs through the year.

Now and then I select stones separately and send them away to be set in silver. This allows us to provide something a little different to high street jewellers.

As with the fossils and minerals, the jewellery shown on the site is only a small percentage of what’s in the shop. If there’s something you’re looking for, it’s always worth getting in touch to ask.