The Coming of the Crates - news story - 23 Mar 2018

Tucson stock arrival

My two weary, blue, plastic crates should be delivered from Bristol today, after the last leg of their journey from Tucson. That means around a ton and a half of rocks dumped on the pavement that I first have to bring into the shop, then take down into the basement. Followed by the crates.

After that, it's a few weeks of unpacking and pricing up all the new stuff. Most of it, as usual, is topping up on our standard lines, but there will be a few new things, and things I haven't had for a while. Very glad to have found the little Californian peacrabs, Pinnixa, again after a number of years, for example. One of my favourite finds this trip is a section of Spinosaurus jaw, something I've always wanted to get for the shop.

And then there's the Making of the Labels. A tiresome job, but one that needs done before anything new and exciting can get put out on display.