Across the Sea - news story - 10 Mar 2017


I left the Tucson show on the 1st of February, with my two crates of recent purchases in the car park of an Arizona hotel. Those crates were then loaded into a 40ft container on the back of a truck and hauled to the California coast. 

From there, the container was hoisted onto a ship - the NYK Meteor - which set sail South, towards the Panama Canal and passage to the Atlantic. It's possible to track the progress of the ship, though it's usually a frustrating pastime. It's slow going. When last I checked, the final port of call before heading across the ocean was near New York. 

European landing points vary for these shipments - Dover, Southport, Bristol, The Netherlands, Belgium... Not sure where it'll dock this time, but the container is due to arrive in Bristol sometime around the 20h of March. There, it's unloaded and the various crates within sent on to their final destinations. Without delays at the customs stage - which are common - I can expect mine to arrive outside the shop any time between the 24th and 29th, nearly two months since I last saw what I've bought.

It's a long wait, but the anticipation makes the arrival more of an event.