So Fresh and So Clean - news story - 06 Jan 2017


This year the shop will see its 30th birthday. Okay, maybe not so old compared to what's on the shelves, but the shelves themselves and the walls behind them look every bit of their age. It's been a long time coming, but we're finally getting a little refurbishment. The 70s-style pegboarding will be taken away and new slatwall put in its place. This will still allow a flexible shelving system, just one that won't bow ominously under heavier fossils, and collapse when leant on with a puff of Green River sediment.

This will mean a couple of days of closure. The work is due to be carried out on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th of January, and we'll be closed for those two days. We'll be stripping one side of the shop the afternoon before - Tuesday the 17th - but will try to remain open for that, if possible.

I'm leaving for the Tucson show on the 20th, but the shop will be open whilst I'm away, as usual. Once the walls are done, there will be a bit of repainting, too, though I'm not yet sure when that will be. It's likely we'll be closed for that, too, but hopefully only a day will be necessary.

If in any doubt, please give us a call before travelling, just in case, but we hope to minimise the time we'll be closed and it'll all be worth it. Promise.