Fossil Grove - news story - 11 Mar 2016

A fossil site in need of some help

Shortly after finishing my geology degree, and whilst gaining the experience that would allow me a place on the Museum Studies post-graduate course I wanted, I worked for a couple of seasons at Fossil Grove, in Victoria Park in Glasgow. It's a collection of 11 fossilised tree fern stumps, in situ, uncovered by workmen building a path through the park ahead of the visit of Queen Victoria in 1887. Through the summer months, the pavilion around them is open to the public and they are worth seeing if you have the time.

Sadly, however, the site needs some work to keep the fossils protected from the elements, and there has been a petition launched in an attempt to see this work is carried out. You can access the petition site by clicking here - if you have been to Fossil Grove, or would like to, please take the time to register (easy enough) and sign.