More, more, more - news story - 10 Apr 2013


After a couple of delays, all the things I bought at the Tucson show in January and February are finally here. A big chunk of yesterday was spent getting the crates moved from the back of the truck to the pavement outside the shop, unloading the crates to the shop floor, moving the piiles of boxes and wrapped fish to the basement pallets, folding up the crates, moving the crates to the basement and having a cup of coffee.

Now it's all sat there, waiting for the next stage - pricing. This can take a bit of time, and I'll try to get the newer things done early. The majority of what I buy there is material I've had before and sell a lot of - shark teeth, Green River fish, Utah trilobites, Madagascan ammonites and so on. I'll usually leave those until last.

Today I have a couple of mixed boxes upstairs - small amounts of little things. Meteorites, cave bear teeth, snakeskin agate, cave pearls, sapphires and walrus jaws all in the same box.