New moon - news story - 19 Oct 2012

The extra-terrestrials have arrived

A few years ago, at the Tucson trade fair, I bought some tiny bits of lunar and Martian meteorite in little boxes - all nicely labelled with details of the source meteorite, the authenticating body, and so on. And a picutre of the moon, or Mars, or an astronaut on the front. Okay, they were tiny, but they were from spectacular places. They sold pretty well.

When they ran out I tried to find the guys I'd bought them from, but couldn't. Some other meteorite dealers, a pair of twins whose Tucson selling room is usually a social hub, were kind enough to sell me some of the boxes at little more than cost, which kept in stock for a year or so, but early this year I ran out of the Martian bits and recently of the moon lumps, too. I tracked down the original dealers but an email conversation dragged out and got nowhere. A couple of weeks ago, prompted by the sale of the last box, I tried again and found that the company - two friends - had decided to part ways. I got in touch with the other guy, who had set up on his own, and got an instant reply. As a result, I now have the boxes again, and have stuck them back up on the site. I also got some little bits of NWA 4037, an L4-6 chondrite, which I can sell for under £10. 

Glad to have these back in stock, and add to my meteorite range at the same time, especailly at the lower price points. I'll be staying in touch with this supplier.