Stan - news story - 10 Sep 2012

A goodbye

Sadly, Stan Wood died yesterday. He had been ill for a while and surprised everyone with his determination to keep going, sorting his fossils and even visiting his sites long after most would have called it a day. He knew how important his most recent material was and, thankfully, lived to see the scientific acknowledgement of that fact, and the initiation of a long-term project to build upon his new finds.

He was an inspirational figure, literally; his example was the spur to many to take an interest in fossil collecting, so it'd be nice to think his legacy will be one of geologists, not just fossils. What he leaves behind, though, is a tremendous record of discovery. The shop logo, Akmonistion, Lizzie, Balenerpeton, and many more animals new to science may yet be trumped by the new Romer's Gap stuff he had gathered and prepared over the past 4-5 years. There aren't many like Stan in the history of palaeontology.

Those that were lucky enough to know him will miss the kind, funny, charismatic man that he was, too. 'Quite a character', I heard him described, plenty times. He was.