Away we go - news story - 18 Jun 2012

It is time for stormy weather

I'm off to the Alsace show tomorrow morning, and Kristen will be holding the fort until I'm back next Tuesday. There will be a special guest appearance by the retired crocodile wrestler* Keith on Monday the 25th, though, so look out for that.

The special 25% discount / talk / talk / biscuit / wine weekend is finished now, and went pretty well. Saturday's talk wasn't that great, but Sunday's was a lot smoother, thankfully. The weather was horrendous, which probably didn't help, but there was a decent turnout both days. We're still giving away the shark teeth for the rest of the month, remember.

Speaking of weather, it's apparently quite hot in Alsace right now, with a few days of heavy thunderstorms lined up. So - too hot for a jacket, too wet for no jacket. What to do?