Postage price increase - news story - 09 May 2012

P.O. K.O.

Sending out this morning's website sales gave me a little fright. The two little parcels that had previously cost me about £1.70 each in postage were now £2.70 each. Apparently the postage will now be £2.70 for any item up to 750g in weight, and then there are similar price rises as you progress up the scale. The percentage rise, though, is most acutely felt at the lighter end.

Most of my parcels have been at this weight. The site was charging £1.80, allowing 10p for the packaging. Sadly, there's no way I can afford to absorb the Post Office price rise and I've had to push my lower end shipping cost up to £2.80. I'll leave the other prices as they are as the new rate won't be as dramatically different. 

It's an alarmingly big hike, and I think most online retailers are going to have to adjust their shipping costs accordingly. With that lost pound, the smaller sale in this morning's outgoing post actually ended up costing me money rather than making any profit.