Meet the blob - news story - 24 Apr 2012

Strange fossil find

An amateur fossil hunter has found a fossil of a seven-foot lump. Nobody knows exactly what it was yet. It was found last year in Kentucky, but was unveiled today at a Geological Society meeting in Ohio. The finder, Ron Fine, is a member of a palaeontology club and knew he had found something out of the ordinary when he came across the blob - its distinctive surface texture marked it out as probably something organic, even if he wasn't able to determine exactly what...

It took him twelve trips to collect the entire fossil, and it would have been a bit of a monster in an Ordovician sea where most of its fossil neighbours are pretty small. Some primaspid trilobites were found attached to one end, where it's thought they may have been taking shelter. It'll be named soon, as a research team try to work out what it was and how it may have lived. The name favoured so far is 'Godzillus'.

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