Snow and stone - news story - 03 Apr 2012

New in

April's here, Scotland's summer is over and the snow is back with a vengeance. Still - it's not all bad news. April also brings all the stock I bought at the Tucson show in January and February. It was delivered yesterday and I've manhandled it all downstairs. 

Now comes the slowish process of unpacking, pricing and labelling. The bulk of the new material should be ready to go within a week or so, but I'll leave some of the bigger loads of repeat buys until the end and that isn't quite a priority.

Among the many familiar standards (shark teeth, trilobites, ammonites and so on) are a few stand-outs. There are a couple of lovely slabs of fossil wood from Madagascar, a few beautiful ammolite samples, some unusual minerals and some meteorite jewellery.