Jewellery product listing

Photo or amber pendant

Amber drop pendant

From £8.50

Amber drop pendant, from the Dominican Republic, 20 million years old.

Photo of Amethyst pendant

Amethyst silver pendant

From £25.00

Rectangular amethyst set in silver pendant.

Photo of ammonite silver pendant

Ammonite silver pendant

From £95.00

A Madagascan ammonite section set in silver. The ammonite is 110 million years old, and has been set simply in silver to best show the distinctive spiral pattern.

Photo of Aura Quartz pendant

Aura quartz pendant

From £55.00

Quartz given an artifical coating of metals. Set in a silver pendant.

Photo of black onyx pendant

Black onyx pendant

From £38.00

Black onyx silver set pendant from Brazil

Photo of larimar silver pendant

Larimar pendant

From £75.00

Larimar in silver pendant, from Barahona in the Dominican Republic.

Photo of meteorite pendant

Meteorite pendant

From £12.50

Small piece of Argentinian iron meteorite with a simple pendant loop attached,

Photo of Muonionalusta pendant

Muonionalusta meteorite pendant

From £85.00

Rectangular meteorite slice as pendant with silver bail, from Sweden, 4.54 billion years old.

Photo of peridot silver pendant

Peridot pendant

From £19.00

Peridot in sliver pendant, from Russia. An attractive green gemstone, set simply to show it off. Peridot is a birthstone for August.

Photo of trilobite silver pendant

Trilobite pendant

From £70.00

A fossil trilobite from Utah in a sliver pendant.

Photo of urchin silver pendant

Urchin pendant

From £65.00

A little fossil sea urchin from Mexico set in a silver pendant.

Photo of amber necklace

Amber necklace

From £50.00

Amber bead necklace from Poland. The amber is 35-50 million years old, and found washed up on beaches around the Baltic Sea.

Photo of ammonite necklace

Ammonite necklace

From £18.00

A sectioned ammonite on a simple suede cord.

Photo of otodus shark tooth necklace

Otodus necklace

From £9.50

An Otodus obliquus shark tooth on a twisted leather cord. The teeth are 50 million years old and from Morocco.

Photo of shark tooth necklace

Shark tooth necklace

From £10.50

A shark tooth on a simple necklace. Most of the teeth are bull shark, and around 6 million years old, from Florida.

Photo of amethyst stud earrings

Amethyst studs

From £22.50

Amethyst silver stud earrings.

Photo of mystic topaz studs

Mystic topaz studs

From £16.00

Mystic topaz in silver stud earrings, from Russia.

Photo of peridot studs

Peridot studs

From £22.00

Peridot in silver stud earrings, from Russia.

Photo of Siberian blue quartz studs

Siberian blue quartz studs

From £18.00

Siberian blue quartz earrings, simple studs in sterling silver, from Russia.

Photo of sectioned ammonite cufflinks

Sectioned ammonite cufflinks

From £95.00

Silver cufflinks with ammonite sections from Madagascar, 100 million years old.

Photo of trilobite cufflinks

Trilobite cufflinks

From £95.00

Elrathia trilobites in silver cufflinks, from Utah, 507 million years old.