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Photo of megalodon fossil

Carcharocles megalodon

Carcharocles megalodon was a relative of the modern great white shark.

So far, so scary.

What's notable about 'Meg', though, is it grew to between 50-60 feet long and had teeth that reached over 7 inches in diagonal length.

These things could have swallowed you whole.

Photo of megalodon fossil

Like all sharks, megs grew and shed teeth continuously throughout its life, so for any one shark there may have been thousands of teeth.

Where shark teeth are found fossilised, they are usually there in bucketloads.

These meg teeth are found in the rivers and beaches of South Carolina, and are between 15 and 20 million years old.

It's thought they became extinct only about 1.5 million years ago. Some people like to think there may still be a few around.


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