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Photo of amber necklace

Amber necklace


Amber bead necklace from Poland. The amber is 35-50 million years old, and found washed up on beaches around the Baltic Sea.

Prices from £50.00

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Photo of ammonite necklace

Ammonite necklace


A sectioned ammonite on a simple suede cord.

Prices from £18.00

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Photo of otodus shark tooth necklace

Otodus necklace


An Otodus obliquus shark tooth on a twisted leather cord. The teeth are 50 million years old and from Morocco.

Prices from £9.50

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Photo of shark tooth necklace

Shark tooth necklace


A shark tooth on a simple necklace. Most of the teeth are bull shark, and around 6 million years old, from Florida.

Prices from £10.50

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