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Our premises

Photo of shop interior

The shop was opened at 5 Cowgatehead in 1987 and the premises had lain empty and unused for a long time. Stan - Mr Wood - told me of the work it had needed to get the place into shape and I'm glad I wasn't around at the time...

The Grassmarket is a famous part of Edinburgh's Old Town and has a rich and colourful history of its own. From 1477 to 1911 it was one of the city's main market locations and also home to the gallows used for public executions. The Cowgate, leading into the Grassmarket, was the road used to bring in the livestock for sale. Recently, the place has had a major refurbishment and now boasts a flexible show space that hosts markets, performing arts and other activities. During the excavation work for the refurbishment, archaeologists found material which was dated to the Middle Bronze Age, between 1500 to 1300BC, so the Grassmarket has a history far exceeding previous estimates.

The area is now home to a great variety of small, independently run shops, pubs and restaurants and is a rewarding place to spend some time. It stands at the foot of Castle Rock, with the impressive form of Edinburgh Castle looming overhead, and is only a short walk from the Royal Mile, Arthur's Seat, Holyrood and Waverley Station.

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